Participate in a challenge

You have to create an account on EvalAI and a participant team in order to participate in a challenge.

If you are already familiar with the flow of EvalAI, you may want to skip this section else please follow the following steps to participate in a challenge (VQA Challenge 2017 in this example):

1. Visit

Open EvalAI website.

2. Sign up or Log in

Sign Up and fill in your credentials or log in if you have already registered.

After signing up you would be on the dashboard page.

3. Choose challenge

Then, go to challenges section and choose an active challenge.

4. Challenge Page

After reading the challenge instructions on the challenge page, you can participate in the challenge.

5. Create Participant Team

Create a participant team if there isn’t any or you can select from the existing ones.

Click on ‘Participate’ tab after selecting a team.

Tada! you have successfully participated in a challenge.