EvalAI can run on Linux, Cloud, Windows, and macOS platforms. Please install docker and docker-compose before getting started with the installation of EvalAI.

Installation instructions

Once you have installed docker and docker-compose, please follow these steps to setup EvalAI on your local machine.

  1. Get the source code on to your machine via git

    git clone evalai && cd "$_"
  2. Build and run the Docker containers. This might take a while.

    docker-compose up --build
  3. That’s it. Open web browser and hit the URL Three users will be created by default which are listed below:

User type Username Password Permissions
Superuser admin password Perform CRUD operations on all tables in the database
through django admin panel
Host host password Create and manage challenges
Participant participant password Participate in different challenges and make submissions

If you are facing any issue during installation, please see our common errors during installation page.